Cyril BurnSide | Network/resource Diagrams

Diagrams can be used explain any process, or solve almost any problem.  Diagrams can be drawn at a high level, or mapped with extremely great detail.  This shows a high level diagram of my existing configuration for  As you can see, anyone technical or non-technical can easily see that my office is physical, but the rest of my setup is all in the ‘cloud’.  I host my website and email at the webhost level, not on my personal computer so I can access email and update my website anywhere I have internet connection.  To see this is more detail, I could have included key, and in most cases confidential details, such as subnet masking, ip addresses, and host names of my network appliances.

When working on your project, I bring the knowledge of what is required based on your needs. I know that your network is more than just plugging all of your computers into a switch and setting up a shared printer.


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February 29, 2020